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Postdoctoral Fellowship Available

There is a post-doctoral fellowship available to study the physiology and neurobiology of the overfed state in mice.   This position is part of a larger multi-lab effort to study the neuroscience of obesity, which is supported by the Russell Berrie Foundation.   

Science Daily - February 28, 2019 Lipid-filled particle may work with immune system to keep fat healthy  

Researchers have discovered that fat tissue releases a lipid-filled particle that has a role in immune function and metabolism. The study, in mice, was published online in the journal Science.

Summer Students Join the Lab


A hearty  welcome to Julia Davis-Porada (Columbia MD, PHD student) .  We hope time in our lab this summer proves to be a fun, productive and stimulating adventure. 


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Tracking Eagles in the Philippine Mountains . . .

While on most days we're pretty jazzed about the work we do and think it's exciting and fun, one of our former summer undergraduate students - Geo is taking biologic adventure in a whole new direction.  Geo is half way around the world studying and tagging (!) Philippine Eagles as part of a conservation effort  to save this critically endangered bird from extinction.  Go Geo!