Postdoctoral Position Available

The Ferrante Laboratory at the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center and Columbia University is looking for a postdoctoral fellow with a passion for metabolism and neuroscience.  In a recently published paper (Cell Metabolism 2018), we established a model to study the physiology and neurobiology of overfeeding in mice.  Mice, like humans, defend themselves from gaining excess weight, but little is known about the peripheral and central mechanisms involved.  We demonstrated that leptin is not the peripheral signal that induces weight loss following overfeeding.  Current studies are underway to identify the molecular changes that overfeeding induce in adipose tissue, the signals the protect against weight gain and the central pathways that are required for this defense.  As part the Berrie Foundation Initiative in the Neuroscience of Obesity (led by Rudy Leibel and Charles Zuker), a new appointed fellow will participate in collaborative studies with ~ 10 research groups to explore the interface of metabolism and neuroscience, with support of state of the art core facilities and expertise across the relevant neuroscience and metabolic disciplines.   Candidates should forward (1)their CV, (2) a paragraph summary of their graduate work and (3) the names with email addresses of two - three references  to  Include "Berrie-Postdoc" in the subject line.